Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our new blog. 

This is the first post over the coming months this will be the main home for all our content that will then be shared on the various social media channels and to our email subscribers.

Although we have been in business now for a couple of years full time we thought now was the right time to start sharing more information about us as a business

  • What we do
  • Where we are going
  • Apparel information & tips
  • Merchandise information & tips
  • Decoration techniques and examples of work
  • Design & Marketing ideas & tips
  • Lessons we are learning

For two reasons hopefully to provide a helpful resource to our customers and anyone else willing to take the time to view the blog and because personally we would like to start documenting the journey we are on as a company & family as we build the business from originally Me (Neal) & Clare (my wife) a couple of years ago to where we are now with 3 employees to where we end up in the future.


Thanks for taking the time to read this Mum (as I assume that's the only person reading).


Neal & Clare.

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