Print On Demand


How does POD dropshipping work then? 
In simple terms you get an order on your website or marketplace and we do the rest print it, pack it and post it (with a tracking number) direct to your customer which means you can focus on design, sales & marketing without the operation hassles of managing stock, production or delivery.

We can connect multiple channels to our platform so that orders are automatically sent to us. Once an order is dispatched our system pushes notifications back through to your store to let your customers know there order has been shipped along with a tracking number.

We keep the process simple - once your store is connected we don't need you to migrate or recreate your products on our app wasting time and money for you and us we work with you to get you up and running quickly with the minimal amount of work for you.

Who can we integrate to print on demand


 Why is POD dropshipping so awesome?

  1. Reason 1: No cash tied up in stock - ever
  2. Reason 2: No packing or processing orders (we do that)
  3. Reason 3: You don't get left with any items that don't sell as you only produce what you have already sold
  4. Reason 4: It offers the ultimate flexibility enabling you to focus on sales & marketing, fundraising or whatever else you prefer to do

Once items begin to sell well for you, ordering bulk can be the next step for your popular items creating big discounts for you and more profit as your empire starts to grow!

What items can we POD dropship?

The question should be what merchandise can't we produce on demand - with over 3000 blank garments and accessories to choose from and unrestricted customisation via our integration we enable you to have ultimate flexibility with what you sell. 

  • Printed merchandise - T-Shirts, Hoodies, Vests and much more
  • Embroidered merchandise - Hats, Jackets, Blankets and much more
  • Sublimation merchandise - Mugs, phone & tablet covers, mouse mats, artwork and much more
  • We also provide finishing services at an extra cost for your products - labels, printed tags, adding flyers to packge and anything else you might need to make your brand complete.

How does our service differ from the other print on demand companies?

Unlike many of the print on demand companies we are looking for quality over quantity of partners and retailers to work with.

We only take on a few new companies each month so that we can ensure each existing customer and new customer gets the best service and support. We have a wide variety of customers from startups to established clothing and accessories brands, each of them from day 1 has access to a Director of the business via email and personal mobile number if needed so that they can reach out and discuss anything quickly. 

This kind of service sets us apart and ensures our customers stay with us for the long haul as they grow their businesses.

If you would like to start working with a print on demand supplier that genuinely cares about the success of your brand / company then please complete the information below and one of the owners of the company will be in touch to discuss working with you further.