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Bespoke Multi Cable

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Customise your multi cable to any design! The bespoke multi cable can be made into any shape or size, and can feature up to 6 different cables. With a USB 2.0 as standard, you will be able to pick up to 5 other cables to feature on your bespoke design (price may vary).

Pick from the Micro-USB, Mini-USB, Type-C, Apple Lightning or the Apple 30-pin – with the choice to add the same cable more than once. If you want a Lightning cable and a Type-C, or 4 Lightning cables and a Type-C – you will be able to with the bespoke multi cable – the choice is yours!

The Bespoke Multi Cable can be bespoke to any shape. USB 2.0 comes as standard, choose up to 5 other cables for your design. Prices may vary depending on cable choice.

Suitable for: iPhone, Android, Cameras and Tablets.
Cable Options: USB 2.0, Micro-USB, Mini USB, Type-C, Apple Lightning cable and Apple 30-pin.

MOQ: 100
Lead Time: 3 Weeks +
Product Size: 130 x 75 x 9mm (depending on cables)
Product Weight: 23g (depending on cables)
Printing Options: Bespoke PVC Mold