Branded Reusable Face Mask - Express 5 day turnaround

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Wearing a mask face cover is one way we can all be careful, along with social distancing and washing our hands

Whilst our government are yet to announce whether it will be compulsory to wear some kind of face-covering in public, many countries around the world have already taken that action. Along with washing your hands, and practicing social distancing, wearing a mask is considered one way to keep safe.

Branded face covers present a professional image and perception that will help provide confidence for customers and employees.

These reusable masks come with a pocket to insert a filter are  tailored for comfort, and printed in unique designs. 

Our face masks are classed as non-medical, and are not designed to be used as PPE.

Importantly, by ordering this product, you will not be tapping into stocks of medical-grade masks that need to be preserved for healthcare workers and first responders.

  • 2 Layer mask - Inside layer is Cotton for a comfortable feel, outside layer is polyester. 
  • Includes middle pouch for filter supplied with 1 x PM2.5 Filter
  • Additional filters can be purchased separately or customer can source their own based on their requirements
  • Perfect for day to day use (non medical) where cloth covering with filtration is desired.
  • Can be used daily and mask is washable
  • Full colour all over mask print no minimum order quantities.
  • Always remove filter before washing the mask.

Sizes available - Small, Medium, Large. We expect Medium and Large to be the most popular the sizing infromation can be found on one of the images

To order additional filters click the link here -


Pricing order in packs - please add size breakdown to your order notes either  at checkout or on the product page (i.e order a 10 pack in large to get the best price but then add a note at the checkout page to say you would like 5 large and 5 medium)

1 = £12.50+VAT each

5 = £12.25+VAT each

10 = £12.00+VAT each

15 = £11.50+VAT each

20 = £11.00+VAT each

25 = £10.00+VAT each

50 = £9.50+VAT each

75 = £9.00+VAT each

100= £8.00+VAT each